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Eden Prairie Deck Builders

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Are you looking to expand your outdoor space? Ready to create an outdoor haven for you and your family? Decks are wonderful outdoor structures that add value, charm, and function to your home. The raw natural beauty of Minnesota is yours for the taking.

But it’s hard to appreciate that beauty if you’re cooped up inside with stale air. Decks give you the freedom to breathe in fresh air from the comforts of your own home. Plus, they immediately boost your property value and curb appeal.

At Home Pro Decking, we know you have a dream deck in mind. And we’re ready to help you build it. So, whether you imagine yourself catching sun rays on a classic cedar deck or sitting in the cool shade on a man-made composite deck, we have the experience, resources, and materials to build your dream deck.

Our Eden Prairie deck contractors work closely with you at all points during the deck construction process to ensure your new deck fits your exact needs. From our initial consultation to the finishing touches on trim, we leverage care, experience, and skill to build industry-leading decks.

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New Deck Installation Contractors

Getting your pristine new outdoor oasis installed is a relatively simple process. First, you’ll need to visit the Eden Prairie City Center to obtain a permit from the Building Inspections Division. As an Eden Prairie resident, you are required to submit building permit applications in-person and an Eden Prairie deck contractor from Home Pro Decking can help you expedite the process upon submission. Once you have your permit, you can communicate your goals, dreams, and ideas with your deck installer — who will help you transform your decking dreams into a reality. This process happens in multiple steps, including:

  1. Deck design: Every deck project starts with a deck design. Our experienced design team works closely with your deck installation crew to create the perfect deck for your property. We also deliver quotes during this stage, so you can fine-tune your design in real-time.
  2. Landscaping: Certain decks require little to no landscaping work before installation. But, if you live on a hilly property, your decking contractor may need to flatten the land to ensure that your deck is aesthetic and sturdy. You may also need border edging.
  3. Building a foundation: Once your land is prepared, you need a strong deck foundation. Footing will be installed and spaced to allow for even weight distribution across your decking. Your deck installation team will build your foundation to suit your dirt type, landscape, and structural requirements.
  4. Ledgers, beams, and joists: Our Eden Prairie decking contractors use ledgers, beams, and joists to provide extra support to your deck. Ledgers are attached directly bolted to your home’s framing, while beams and joists provide additional structural support between the deck and the foundation.
  5. Installing stairs: Since decks are usually raised, stairs are often required. The stair-building process can be labor-intensive, and at times the lengthiest component of the deck-building process. Home Pro Decking has significant experience in stair construction, including flat stairs and spiral staircases.
  6. Floorboard and railing: Once the deck is fully-supported, we install floorboards and railing. After completion, your experienced Eden Prairie decking contractor from Home Pro Decking will finish with trim and ensure each component of the deck is sturdy and properly installed.
  7. Enjoyment: This is the single most important step. You need to enjoy your deck for the next few decades.

Throughout this process, we’re capable of installing custom design solutions, such as built-in storage units and planters or unique shapes and sizes. Your deck construction is wholly unique. So, it’s important to work with Eden Prairie decking contractors from Home Pro Decking that know how to tackle intricate and unique projects.

Contractors for New Deck Installation in Edina MN

Edina, MN Deck Installation Builder

Edina deck builders at Home Pro Decking built the deck over several stages.

Custom Deck Design to raise the value of your Edina MN property.

Home Pro Decking, we provide a variety of custom deck installation services in your Edina, MN area.

Custom Deck Design

At Home Pro Decking, we believe that every person has their dream deck. For you, that may involve grills, storage, and a wonderful dining table. For others, it may be a simple platform for a few chairs and a swing. Still, some people dream big, imagining decked-out decks stuffed with premium furniture, infrared heaters, built-in Jacuzzis, and plush daybeds. Eden Prairie is the perfect spot to build your outdoor oasis. So, why compromise? Work with Eden Prairie decking contractors that have the skills, experience, and old-fashioned know-how to transform your yard into somewhere you can relax.

We know every homeowner’s needs are different, which is why Home Pro Decking offers custom deck design solutions. From small, coffee-sipping decks to massive outdoor oases, we all have a dream deck in mind. A few common custom deck construction design options include:

  • Built-in bars, benches, and storage
  • Sun decks and screens
  • Built-in Jacuzzis, pools, and hot tubs
  • Unique shapes and sizes to conform to architectural needs
  • Custom lightscaping
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Multi-leveled or multi-tiered decking
  • Gazebos or pergolas
  • Covered decks
  • Built-in awnings
  • Built-in fire pits

We may approach every job differently, but our world-class materials, industry-leading practices, and customer-centric services stay the same. Are you ready to build a one-of-a-kind deck? Let’s create your dream haven — together.

Start Designing Your Custom Deck

Deck Replacement Contractor

Is your deck filled with stains, cracks, mold, or termites? Did Eden Prairie weather conditions take a toll on your wood deck? Believe it or not, it’s often cheaper to replace your entire deck than to attempt to repair your old one. Home Pro Decking’s Eden Prairie deck builders can completely replace your deck with a brand-new installment that meets all your functional and aesthetic requirements.

During this process, you can make important changes to your deck. You may want a new composite deck material to prevent future rot or decay. Or, you might be looking for a beautiful cedar deck to impress the neighbors. We’ll haul away your old rotting deck and replace it with a pristine new construction that will last for decades to come.

Deck Replacement Contractor in Edina MN
Local Edina, MN Deck Installers

Local Eden Prairie Deck Installers

Home Pro is located in Lakeville, and we work directly with communities and suburbs across the Twin Cities to provide world-class decking at an affordable price. Our licensed deck installers have constructed decks across Eden Prairie, and we are deeply familiar with the logistical and technical processes in the city. 

Our headquarters are a quick 30-minute drive down I-35W, and we have Eden Prairie deck contractors on standby to help provide valuable services to the Eden Prairie community. Check out our service area map to see if we have an available deck installer to tackle your next big decking project.

Highest Quality Deck Materials in Eden Prairie

Home Pro Decking works closely with the top decking material manufacturers in the world to provide a wide variety of high-quality decking materials to citizens across the Twin Cities area. We’re deeply committed to material quality. In fact, if we can’t find the highest-quality materials for our customers, we make them ourselves. Our Eden Prairie deck builders work with best-in-class materials, like:

  • Cedar
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Composite materials
  • Custom deck railing

Do you have your heart set on a unique material type? Get in touch with us. We’re flexible and capable of completing intricate projects. And we have connections across material industries to help you find cost-effective and unique materials for your deck project.

Custom deck construction from highest quality deck materials in Edina, MN

Best Pressure-Treated Wood Decks in Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie is filled with stunning, natural beauty. But beauty can have bite. Our sometimes-fun snow days and thunderstorms can wreak havoc on your decking materials, and the local Drywood termites are ever-hungry. To combat these issues, we can utilize pressure-treated wood — which is capable of withstanding moisture, termites, mold, fungi, and rot. Better yet, pressure-treated wood lasts for decades longer than its non-treated counterpart. At Home Pro Decking, our deck contractors only use the best woods and pressure-treating methods. We can create your deck with pressure-treated wood resistant to corrosion, mold, termites, fungi, rot, and even fire-resistant.

The advantages of pressure-treated wood decks include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Natural wood feel and look
  • Resistant to many of Eden Prairie’s bugs, plants, and weather conditions

Working with pressure-treated wood requires specific skill sets and specialized building requirements. Our Eden Prairie deck contractors have years of experience working with these types of treated woods, and we’re ready to help you build a cost-effective deck from this beautiful material.

Composite Decks

Who doesn’t love sitting outside on a shirt-drenching summer day with an icy glass of lemonade and a few fresh-grilled burgers? Well, your porch probably isn’t a fan. The hot grease dripping off your burger can stain your wood, and the condensation from your icy glass can cause water damage to your porch.

Composite decking materials combat these problems. Home Pro Decking uses composites like TimberTech® AZEK, which is resistant to virtually all types of damage. In fact, TimberTech® AZEK has a 50-year warranty against stains, damage, and even fading. And it’s available in a variety of different real-wood looks and colors.

The advantages of composite decks include:

  • Long-lasting
  • Incredibly aesthetic
  • Capable of meeting an architectural demand
  • Naturally resistant to almost all types of decking damage
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and styles

Home Pro Decking’s Eden Prairie deck builders have access to best-in-class composites. We’ll work directly with you to select a composite that fits your practical and aesthetic needs.

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Backyard Deck Building Contractors

Your backyard is your own personal slice of nature. It’s filled with fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of memories. Decks help make your beautiful backyard a natural extension of your home. From barbeque to neighborhood parties and wonderful family moments, decks aren’t just a status symbol; they’re memory builders.

At Home Pro Decking, we understand how important your deck is to you and your family. We only work with top Eden Prairie decking contractors to develop one-of-a-kind backyard decks using world-class materials.

We want your backyard to be perfect. Our deck installation pros and best-in-class deck contractors are ready to help you build your dream deck. From cedar wood decks to top-of-the-line composite decks, Home Pro Decking has the know-how to create backyard havens for any type of home.

Backyard Deck Building Contractors for Edina, MN homeowners

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Use Pressure-treated Wood for Your Eden Prairie Deck?
  • Do You Need a Permit for a Deck in Eden Prairie, MN?
  • Does a Deck Increase the Value of a Property?
  • What Is the Difference Between Natural Wood and Composite Wood?
  • Do I Need Deck Stain and Sealant?
  • What Do I Need to Do?
  • Do I Need a New Deck?
  • How Is Home Pro Decking Different From Others?
  • What Will It Look Like?
  • What Can I Put On My Deck?
  • Does It Have to Be Rectangular?
  • Can I Have Multiple Levels?
  • How Much Materials Will Be Required?
  • What Types of Natural Wood Are Carried?
Why Use Pressure-treated Wood for Your Eden Prairie Deck?

Pressure-treated wood is an incredibly hardy wood that’s resistant to moisture, rot, mold, and termites. This makes it a fantastic, cost-effective decking material. Make sure you use Eden Prairie deck contractors who deeply understand how to utilize pressure-treated wood correctly.

Do You Need a Permit for a Deck in Eden Prairie, MN?

Yes, you need a building permit to construct a new deck on a residential property in Eden Prairie. You can only get this permit in person at the City Center. It’s also important to remember that all deck construction must follow Minnesota residential code.

Does a Deck Increase the Value of a Property?

Absolutely, your deck significantly increases the value of your property. In fact, many deck owners recoup 100 percent or more of the cost of a new deck simply in property value. You should consult with your deck builders to discuss any concerns regarding property value.

What Is the Difference Between Natural Wood and Composite Wood?

Besides the physical differences between the two, natural wood provides an organic finish and appearance to your deck. Not only this, but prices are more beneficial to your wallet, averaging a lower cost than composite. While natural wood’s cost is unmatched alongside its looks, natural wood often requires a stain and sealant in order to boost its longevity.

Composite wood differs from natural wood in its durability, requiring little to no management, making it easy for those with busy lifestyles. Composite wood is made of both plastic and wood fibers that will mimic the fine grains of wood. While more durable than natural wood, composite is more often than not costly. Additionally, there are little variations in the gradient of colors you will see on a composite deck compared to the natural tone and gradient of natural wood.

Do I Need Deck Stain and Sealant?

For a long lasting deck, it is crucial to consider a deck stain and sealant in one that will allow your deck to survive the harsh weather.

Minnesota has one of the highest rates of failures for deck stain DIYers. The cause for this is the change in temperatures and how sensitive stains can be to both the cold and heat. Home Pro Decking ensures that the stain will be applied in the correct temperature to ensure the stain does not fade next season. Remember to contact a professional to apply these products to ensure it is done correctly.

What Do I Need to Do?

All you need is your idea. At Home Pro Decking, we will discuss with you what your ideal deck looks like and feels like. Figuring out the materials, cost, and measurements, is what we do. Our team will make sure your vision is completely understood before moving forward with the project.

For more information, please contact us below for a free consultation.

Do I Need a New Deck?

A new deck should be purchased if you find the floorboards beginning to rot or lose their firmness, nails are starting to protrude, and support beams are losing their strength. If this is the situation, it is strongly recommended you consider purchasing a new deck for personal safety.

If your deck has considerably aged, but still retains its strength and properly serves its job, it is recommended to have a professional such as Home Pro Decking to apply a solid oil based stain to the wood to preserve it further.

How Is Home Pro Decking Different From Others?

In today’s world, many contractors will create a deck for their customers. While some may provide a perfect job, oftentimes the customer is left with just that, a deck.

Home Pro Decking implements various options and warranties that other companies don’t provide, offering a 50 year warranty on the AZEK deck itself. Not only is there a warranty ensuring that the deck stays in a stable condition, there is an additional warranty that is applied to any siding and molding included in the project.

Differing from traditional sketches, Home Pro Decking also provides a 3D rendering of what the deck will appear as, giving you an accurate picture as to what the final product will be.

What Will It Look Like?

Rather than showcasing traditional drawings and blueprints, Home Pro Decking uses AZEK Deck Designer, a professional industry standard application that creates a 3D render of your deck. Home Pro Decking will ensure that you are able to get an accurate look at your deck, even down to the grain, of what you are paying for.

What Can I Put On My Deck?

Anything that you can think of! If you want a grill, hot tub, tiki bar, a small place dedicated to planting, or even one of the great pyramids, we can build a deck capable of supporting all of them! 

(Note: Cannot provide a pyramid)

Does It Have to Be Rectangular?

Not at all! Home Pro Decking offers various choices on how you would like your deck to be designed, including more circular options for those who are looking for something new.

Can I Have Multiple Levels?

We are able to make multiple levels for your deck to the height you require and add a staircase as well to allow for easy accessibility to the ground level of your property. If you have more than one level, then another deck can be constructed for any additional levels you desire.

How Much Materials Will Be Required?

The amount of materials is dependent on the square footage that you want to have as a deck. To get the square footage, multiply the width by the length. Additional supplies for the support beams will be dependent on the resulting square footage and the terrain it is being built on top of. 

To fully understand how many materials will be used in the project, schedule a free consultation below.

What Types of Natural Wood Are Carried?

Natural wood refers to any type of wood that comes from a tree and is properly treated for decks by the lumberers. As there isn’t just one type of tree, there subsequently isn’t just one type of wood.

Cedar is a luxurious choice many deck owners prefer. It is attractive, biodegradable, planet-friendly, and resistant to the elements. 

Pressure-treated lumber is a versatile building material that can be used to customize a deck to your exact preferences that includes your choice of finish.

In addition to cedar and pressure-treated lumber, a variety of grains and styles can be chosen from. For more information on what you can choose from, call us now for a free consultation.

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