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Deck Builders

Are you dreaming of summer afternoons spent outside with your family enjoying the chance to dine alfresco? Do you want to soak up the sun and watch your children playing in the yard from the comfort of your cozy chair on your new wood deck? When you’re planning a new deck construction, you need to find a deck company that you can rely on to create a beautiful, durable deck for your home. Home Pro Decking is that deck builder, and we bring years of experience and expertise to each project we undertake.

At Home Pro Decking, we enjoy working with our friends and neighbors in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We offer all the services you need to build the deck of your dreams. Our friendly and knowledgeable designers work with you to create a deck design that functions for your family and your home. Our teams of deck builders bring years of experience and dedication to each project, so your new deck is as sturdy and durable as it is beautiful and functional.

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New Deck Installation Contractors

If you’ve never worked with a decking contractor before, you might wonder how the process works. Home Pro Decking will be by your side from project start to finish to ensure your deck installation runs smoothly. Here’s a look at the steps involved in your new deck construction project:

Design your customized deck with features, such as:

  • Multiple levels
  • Dedicated space for your grill, outdoor fridge, and more
  • Seating for both children and adults
  • Unique shapes for your lifestyle
  • Built-in planters for your herb garden, flowers, and plants
  • Receive and review the quote for your dream deck
  • Sign your contract, so our deck installers can begin work
  • Deck installation by our professional decking contractors
  • Enjoy your new outdoor space

When you work with our team of dedicated deck installers, you’ll enjoy consistent communication throughout the process. Our deck installers will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the deck you want, so you and your family have a space designed for your needs. We want you to enjoy your new deck for many years to come and that begins with reliable deck installation. 

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Custom Deck Design

If you’ve never worked with a decking contractor before, you might wonder how the process works. Home Pro Decking will be by your side from project start to finish to ensure your deck installation runs smoothly. Here’s a look at the steps involved in your new deck construction project:

Design your customized deck with features, such as:

  • Multiple levels
  • Dedicated space for your grill, outdoor fridge, and more
  • Seating for both children and adults
  • Unique shapes for your lifestyle
  • Built-in planters for your herb garden, flowers, and plants
  • Receive and review the quote for your dream deck
  • Sign your contract, so our deck installers can begin work
  • Deck installation by our professional decking contractors
  • Enjoy your new outdoor space

When you work with our team of dedicated deck installers, you’ll enjoy consistent communication throughout the process. Our deck installers will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the deck you want, so you and your family have a space designed for your needs. We want you to enjoy your new deck for many years to come and that begins with reliable deck installation. 

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Expert Local Deck Contractors

When you need a new deck, you’ll want to work with a local deck company that understands the unique needs of Minnesota homeowners. A corporation with locations throughout the country won’t comprehend the beauty and harsh realities of our winter wonderland. Home Pro Decking is the local deck company dedicated to helping you realize your dreams of a functional and high-quality deck. We work with homeowners throughout the Twin Cities area, including:

  • Minnetonka
  • Eden Prairie
  • Woodbury
  • Plymouth
  • And surrounding areas

If you don’t see your little corner of Minnesota on our list, reach out to us to see if we offer deck installation services in your area. 

Decks Increasing Property Values

Are you in the process of trying to sell your house and looking for a way to increase the value of the home you’ve lived in for years? Installing a deck to your home is a good way to improve your home’s value and has a great return on investment for you once you finally sell. Even if you aren’t in the market of buying and selling a home, adding a new deck to your family home allows you to increase the overall square footage of your house, which will ultimately increase how much your house is worth. Depending on how big the deck is, the type of materials it is made out of, and if it is in good condition also determines 

Today, a home that comes with a deck is usually a lot easier to sell than one that does not. More and more families want a home that has its own outdoor living space. By hiring a contractor to build a deck for your home on the real estate market, you will be able to sell your house for a lot more than you had originally planned. Depending on how big the deck is, the type of materials it is made out of, and if it is in good condition also determines the square footage and price of the house itself. Consider adding a deck to your backyard if you are selling your home to help increase its square footage and property value.

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Decking Examples

At Home Pro Decking, we’re passionate about building decks for our customers. Our commitment to quality design and craftsmanship shines in every deck project we undertake. There is no decking project that is too big and challenging for our experienced contractors. We approach each deck project with fresh eyes to help the homeowner create a unique deck that meets their needs, and we will always strive to complete quality work that they’ll personally enjoy for years to come. 

When you need a new deck, you want to know that your decking contractor has the skills and experience to build one that lasts. We have created many different decks personally designed for each and every one of our clients for more than 60 years. Whether you’re looking for ideas or want to see our outstanding craftsmanship, check out our gallery of past deck installations.

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Deck Replacement Contractor

Is it better to repair or replace your current deck? At Home Pro Decking, we often hear this question from homeowners. It’s a decision that many Minnesota homeowners struggle to make. If you’ve fallen into a pattern of repairing your deck each spring and hoping it makes it through another summer, there are real advantages to a new deck construction now, such as:

  • Hidden damage: You might look out at your deck and see only cosmetic repairs. However, there might be hidden damage that compromises the structural integrity of your deck. This creates a dangerous situation that could lead to an accident and leave your family and friends in danger. 
  • Increased property value: If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, a new deck makes a great selling point. The new deck adds value to the overall value of your property, and you can ask for a higher listing price. 
  • Save money: If you’re repairing your deck every spring, you’re spending more money keeping an old deck afloat than it would cost to replace it. You might think you’re saving money with repairs, but after a few years, you’ll have spent as much as a new deck and still need to invest in a new one. 

You need a local deck company that offers you outstanding service and a quality product. Home Pro Decking is the reliable, trusted deck builder in your area. We have yet to encounter a decking project that is too big or challenging to handle. Our builders and contractors always produce high-quality work specifically designed and personalized to satisfy each individual customer. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your new deck will be built by qualified experts that are familiar with the weather living in the Midwest. 

Highest Quality Deck Materials 

Your new deck is an investment in your home and property, so you deserve high-quality deck material. That is why it is important to research and hire a decking contractor that is reliable and reputable. At Home Pro Decking, we’re the local deck company that’s been striving to provide Minnesota homeowners with the best available materials to build their new deck for the past 60 years. Your options include:

  • Home Pro Decking custom rail
  • TimberTech AZEK deck
  • AZEK trim and molding
  • Pressure-treated lumber
  • Cedar

Of course, you love having your choice of decking materials, but you need a little more information about each kind before making a final decision. You want to make the best choice for your new deck construction, so you’ll love it for many years to come. Here’s some more information about our high-quality deck materials to help you make a decision:

Pressure-Treated Wood Decks

If you’ve been considering building a new wood deck, then you’ve heard the term pressure-treated wood. High pressure is utilized to introduce a preservative to pressure-treated wood, which increases the longevity of this popular material for many years, and possibly decades. This chemical process removes any air pockets naturally embedded into the wood during the cutting process, while strengthening it against anything that would damage untreated woods. 

The pressure treatment allows the wood to stand up to the elements better than any untreated wood. In Minnesota, there are a lot of storms and rain showers that can damage untreated wood. Pressure-treated wood is coated with a chemical mixture purposefully created to preserve and protect your wood deck all year round, while reducing the effects of weather erosion in your deck. If you opt for a wood deck, it’s essential that it features pressure-treated wood, so you aren’t replacing it in a few years. It will stand up to the conditions that normally cause wood to deteriorate quickly. With the proper care, these decks can last between 10-15 years.

When you’re making an investment in a new wood deck, make sure that your deck contractor only uses pressure-treated wood. At Home Pro Decking, we understand the importance of pressure-treated wood and have years of experience building decks from this material. We only source high-quality pressure-treated wood to ensure your deck’s longevity.

When wood is pressure-treated, what preservatives are used and how long are they effective?

There are two types of preservatives that are used to treat wood: Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) and Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ). CCA-treated wood is protected against all major forms of harm and is effective for many years. ACQ is also effective for decades, and has helped reduce the demand for forest resources. Borates is another common preservative containing natural, environmentally safe mineral salts and micronized copper. This solution creates a powerful barrier against termites and fungal decay.

Can I paint or stain my pressure-treated wood deck?

While treated wood offers a surface that is easier for paints and stains to cover, it’s not recommended. Treated wood doesn’t need to be protected from the elements. However, if you wish to paint or stain your pressure-treated wood deck, it’s important to make sure the wood is dry before application. We recommend performing the following test to determine if your pressure-treated wood deck is ready to paint or stain:

  • Place a few drops of water on the area you’re hoping to paint or stain.
    • If the drops of water bead up, it is too wet and you must wait for it to dry.
    • If the drops of water absorb, it is ready to coat.

We recommend using an oil-based primer and a high-quality acrylic (latex) paint when painting your pressure-treated wood deck. If you are staining your pressure-treated wood deck, you must choose a high-quality stain.

When can I apply water repellant to pressure-treated wood?

Are you planning to embrace the natural appearance and color of your pressure-treated wood deck? If so, we recommend applying a water repellant as soon as installation is complete. Water repellant will help preserve the natural beauty of the wood for years to come.

When is special handling required?

It’s vital that you remember not to burn treated wood. If pressure-treated wood is burned, the concentrated preservative chemicals in the ash can be harmful to your health when inhaled. When handling treated lumber, it’s recommended to wear gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask.

Will my plants and animals be safe around pressure-treated wood?

Yes. The preservatives used to treat wood are certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP), and are safe to use around animals and plants.

My pressure-treated deck has a gray appearance, and I’m noticing some surface mold. How can I restore it?

Using mild soap, water, and a pressure washer will help you uphold the appearance of your pressure-treated deck. You can also visit your local hardware store to inquire about specific products that are specifically made to clean pressure-treated products. Once cleaning is complete, we recommend applying a water repellant or stain with water repellant to reduce weathering.

Composite Decks

You might wonder exactly what a composite deck is made of before you start planning to build one. A composite deck is made of boards that are made up of a blend of plastic and wood fibers. These two substances combine together to create a tough board that stands up to almost anything without rotting or deterioration. This includes weathering, rotting, and insect infestations. 

A new composite deck can easily last a few decades with minimal maintenance, while maintaining its original color and style. For this reason, Home Pro Decking selects only the highest-quality composite deck material available to ensure your deck remains beautiful and functional for many years. We choose TimberTech AZEK as our composite decking material, which is both durable and affordable. On average, a TimberTech AZEK composite deck will last about 25-30 years, if treated with the proper care.

With TimberTech AZEK, you can choose from an array of colors to get the custom deck you really want. It’s an excellent addition to any deck, and it comes with a stunning 50-year warranty for your peace of mind. Additionally, we can combine the 50-year TimberTech AZEK decking with their line of moldings and rails, giving you a truly exquisite composite deck that you and your family will enjoy for generations, which is the main reason why we offer this decking option for our clients. We’re a trustworthy, reliable decking contracting business you can rely on to build your new composite deck.

Does composite decking require maintenance?

By choosing composite decking for your property, you’ll hardly have to worry about maintenance. Other than regularly clearing off any debris such as leaves, dirt, and dust, there’s not much to it. It’s recommended to complete a more thorough clean at least twice a year using a garden hose, brush, and household cleaner. However, don’t use a power washer as this can cause damage to your composite deck.

Can I paint or stain my composite deck?

No. It’s not recommended to apply paint or stain to your composite decking as the material is already impregnated with a dye that will last the life of your deck. However, if for some reason you decide to paint or stain your composite deck, maintenance similar to a wooden deck will be required.

How does the cost of composite decking compare to pressure-treated wood?

The upfront cost of composite decking is more than what you would typically spend on a pressure-treated wood deck, but it’s important to pay attention to the “why”. Composite decking requires more of an investment because of its impressive lifespan, warranty offerings, and resistance to rot, insects, and splintering. Unlike a pressure-treated wood deck, you also won’t have to worry about as much maintenance with composite decking.

Will my new composite deck look like plastic?

Composite decking offers numerous benefits to homeowners, but it’s vital that you make sure you’re getting quality materials. Cheaper composite deck boards will look like plastic and likely give you more problems than you’d like. Our durable TimberTech AZEK composite decking materials mimic real wood, so you can have a beautiful deck for decades.

Does composite decking get hot?

We have all encountered a hot steering wheel or asphalt walkway during the warmer months, so it’s okay to have this suspicion about composite decking. Composite decking has come a long way, and we can confidently say that it is much more resistant to heat. However, if your property gets a lot of sun, it’s recommended to pay special attention to the color you select for your composite decking as darker boards will be warmer than lighter boards.

How can I clean clogged spaces between my composite deck boards?

It is not uncommon for organic debris like leaves, seeds, and pollen to gather in the gaps between the decking boards of your composite deck. Water can also pool, thus steeping the organic debris creating a “tea” or tannin. Unfortunately, if not managed correctly, your decking can become stained. Standing water can also cause the boards of your composite deck to swell, meaning cracks, warping, and cupping are more likely.

If the gapping on your composite deck becomes clogged, we recommend using a garden hose, spatula, putty knife, or other household tool to remove the debris. However, be cautious to avoid gouging or scratching your deck boards.

Cedar Wood Decks

When you’re looking for a decking material that is both budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you might want to consider choosing cedar wood to build your new deck. Cedar wood adds charm and character to any outdoor space, both of which depend on the type of wood cut you choose, while also giving off a clean and natural and unique appearance for you and your family to relax and enjoy every summer.

Despite the many benefits of owning a composite deck, many homeowners still opt for cedar wood because of its true, natural beauty and low cost as opposed to other materials. However, if cared for properly on a yearly basis, a high-quality cedar deck will last for around 15-20 years without needing to be repaired. Cedar wood also comes in a variety of wood tones and wood grain patterns, depending on the way the wood was cut, which will give your new deck a personal touch that is not easily replicated. 

It is important to keep in mind that a cedar deck requires more maintenance than a pressure-treated wood deck would, because it is not protected from the elements with preservatives. Cedar decks can also dry out easily during hot summers, and possibly fail, if they are not cared for properly. However, with this in mind, some of our clients are not deterred by this information and still choose a cedar wood deck as the new addition to their home.

Do I need to stain my cedar deck?

If you choose cedar for your new home deck, it’s vital that you keep up with regular maintenance. If properly cared for, cedar decking can last more than 50 years. It’s recommended that you stain your cedar deck every one to three years to keep it looking tip-top.

How easy is it for cedar decking to crack?

As cedar dries after being wet, the exterior surface tends to shrink faster than the inner surface. When this happens a “check” can appear which isn’t technically a split or a crack. Checks are an opening on the surface of cedar wood that runs parallel to the direction of the grain.

What are the disadvantages of cedar wood?

Like any decking material, cedar wood has a few disadvantages that you should keep in mind when choosing the best material for your new home deck. Let’s take a look:

  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Flammable
  • Color changes over time due to chemical reactions
  • Sensitive
  • Weaker than other decking materials

How do you maintain a cedar deck?

When caring for your cedar deck, proper water drainage is vital. You should also clear the surface of dirt, leaves, and other debris. If you have planters, benches, or other deck accessories, it’s also suggested to move these items from time to time to allow the deck beneath to dry completely.

Is cedar decking worth the investment?

Yes, cedar decking stands up to the cost because it is naturally rot resistant and doesn’t easily absorb moisture. This makes it less susceptible to warping and splitting as your deck ages.

Is cedar a better option for my deck than pressure-treated wood?

Comparing pressure-treated wood to cedar is challenging as each offers different benefits. Pressure-treated wood is more durable and weather-proof, and is highly resistant to pests and rot. Cedar decking is environmentally friendly, naturally resistant to insects and rot, and more!

Cedar Deck Care and Maintenance Tips

Perform Regular Inspections

As with any area of your home, performing regular inspections of your cedar deck is recommended. This allows you to catch issues early on before extensive damage occurs. When inspecting your cedar deck, we encourage you to check for the following:

  • Warping boards
  • Popped or missing nails and screws
  • Soft spots
  • Areas of pooling or standing water

Routinely Move Planters and Furniture

When newly installed, a cedar deck will look gold in color and will fade to a soft gray as it ages. If you are using deck furniture and planters on your cedar deck, you must move these items regularly to help prevent your deck from being covered in gray and gold patches. Alternating the locations of furniture and planters will minimize the impact of UV rays and excess moisture. Installing padding or rubber tips on the legs of your deck furniture is also recommended as this will help prevent the legs from scratching the surface.

Avoid Using Rugs

While rugs can create a cozy outdoor environment for all to enjoy, many will absorb and hold water which means the cedar boards underneath are perpetually wet. This can lead to numerous issues like premature wood rot, mildew, and more. If you absolutely want to add a rug to your outdoor space, we recommend choosing one that is made from synthetic or plastic materials. A rug of this style is water resistant, easily cleaned, and weathers better than those made from natural materials.

Clear Your Deck Regularly

After your cedar deck has been installed, you must set aside time to sweep your deck every one to two weeks. However, the frequency may increase depending on how many trees you have on your property. Leaves from trees will land on your cedar deck, and any rain or humidity can cause them to stick. Unfortunately, if left for long periods of time, your cedar deck can become stained. You can use a stiff-bristle brush or a leaf blower to clear your deck.

Deep Clean and Wash

You should plan to clean your cedar deck at the start of each spring – especially if you want to uphold its golden hue. Completing a thorough wash will help restore your cedar deck’s original appearance, but it will fade back to the light gray, weathered color in two to three months. If you like the gray, weathered look, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your cedar deck as often. Your cedar deck can be cleaned two ways: manually or by pressure washing.

Sand Uneven, Rough, or Fuzzy Spots

Once your deck has been deep cleaned, there’s a chance it will still have uneven, rough, or fuzzy spots. A belt sander can be used to treat these areas to smooth uneven spots or warped boards. It’s best to get your deck as smooth and flat as possible to avoid pooling water. Fuzzy spots or wood furring will wear off over time, but can also be sanded or buffed once your deck is completely dry. Wood furring occurs because of damaged wood cells peeking through the surface of cedar decking boards. At times, wood furring can be caused from built-up cleaning solution residue making it vital that you thoroughly rinse your deck each time it’s cleaned.

Utilize High-Quality Stain

After cleaning and inspecting your cedar deck, you might be happy with how it looks. If this is the case, there is no need to apply a stain. However, some homeowners prefer the look of stain instead of the weathered look of unstained cedar. Here are a few tips should you decide to apply a stain to your cedar deck:

  • Once you apply a stain to your cedar deck, you will have to commit to applying it again each year. This is particularly important for homeowners located in cold, damp climates.
  • We recommend applying a stain to your cedar deck in the spring or fall as temperatures aren’t too warm or cold. You must plan to stain on a day that isn’t humid. It’s also more effective to apply a stain to your cedar deck in the morning or early evening to avoid direct sunlight. However, if you’re working in the morning hours, make sure any dew from the night before has dried completely.

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Differences Between Cedar and Pressure-Treated Wood

One of the main decisions all homeowners must make when choosing what type of decking materials you want your new deck to be built from. While some homeowners opt for a more expensive composite deck, some of our customers in Minnetonka prefer a nice and simple wood deck because of its naturally beautiful appearance and cost-effective price tag. At Home Pro Decking, we only provide top-tier wood decking materials that there is to offer to every homeowner that we work with: cedar wood and pressure-treated wood.

When you choose either cedar wood or pressure-treated wood as the resource to build your new deck, it is important to remember that both woods require consistent care and maintenance on an annual or biannual basis. However, the type of maintenance each wood needs depends on the wood itself. For instance, cedar wood must be cleaned and sealed every year in order to help prevent any damage that severe might cause to your deck. Whereas pressure-treated decks might only need to be resealed every other year to keep them protected, but this is not the only difference between pressure-treated wood and cedar wood. 

The major difference between cedar wood and pressure-treated wood is that cedar wood is more naturally resistant to the harmful effects of decay, insect infestations, rotting, and weathering than any untreated woods. It also doesn’t need to go through a chemical process in order to protect it from damage like pressure-treated woods do, which makes this resource more environmentally friendly than others. Cedar wood also has a natural aesthetic beauty that is not easy to replicate with pressure-treated or composite wood decks. A cedar wood deck can add both character and a personal touch to your home when it is complete. With that said, pressure-treated woods often tend to be a more popular choice among homeowners because they are not as high-maintenance or as expensive as a high-quality cedar wood deck.

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Backyard Deck Building Contractors

At Home Pro Decking, we have more than 60 years of combined experience, and our deck contractors always strive to create a custom deck that you and your family will enjoy for years. All of our deck installers employed with us care about the customer experience and will provide you with consistent communication at each step of your project. 

Our team takes the time to source only the highest-quality decking material to turn your deck into a comfortable place to socialize or enjoy some quiet time for a long time to come. Our decking contractors are committed to building lasting relationships with each of our customers by providing them with reliable service on each job we take. Our deck installers take the time to listen to all of your concerns, which helps us build you a deck that you’ll love from the first time you step onto it. 

From our very first meeting with you, we strive to show you the difference we offer from our competitors by highlighting our dedication, providing you with a high-quality deck, and exceeding your expectations in customer care. Your journey begins with a free, no-pressure consultation to explore your options and share your plans for new deck construction. 

Get Started on Your New Deck Today!

When you’re planning to build a new wood or composite deck, you deserve to work with one of the premier deck contractors in the Twin Cities area, and Home Pro Decking is that contractor. Our team of installers will offer you high-quality, reliable service during each stage of the project as we build your dream deck. 

It is our mission to help you design and create the perfect addition to your backyard and home that you and your family will be able to enjoy for generations. Contact us today to get started building the deck you want this summer.

FAQ for Home Pro Decking Builders Contractors

  • How do I find the perfect deck contractor?
  • What should I ask my deck contractor?
  • How long does deck construction take?
  • How long will my new deck last?
  • What are the differences between composite decks and wood decks?
  • What is composite wood and pressure-treated wood?
  • Is it true composite decks are scratch resistant?
  • How much does a composite deck cost compared to wood?
  • Can installing a new deck increase the property value of my home?
  • How do I maintain and clean a composite deck vs. a wood deck?
How do I find the perfect deck contractor?

The best way to ensure your deck is built by the perfect contractor is by hiring a contracting company that specializes solely in deck building and is an expert in their trade, which means they not only have expertise over their craft, but they also most likely have built strong relationships with their clients and vendors within the industry over the years. Additionally, hiring a contractor that constructs decks very few times a year has inherent risks, because of their lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to designing and building high quality decks that will satisfy you and your family for decades.

It is also important to consider hiring a deck contractor that is local and familiar with the weather in the community that you live in. A contractor that works nationwide might produce great work, but they won’t be able to understand the beauty of what it is like to live in your neighborhood. Working with a local deck contractor will guarantee your new deck will withstand even the harshest Minnesotan winters because they have years of experience and established a long standing relationship within your community. Remember to do your research before picking a deck contractor to build your new deck by looking up reviews online. The more satisfied customers a business has, means that business more than likely produces a better quality product than their competitors.

What should I ask my deck contractor?

Aside from knowing whether or not a deck contractor is local and an expert in their craft, it is important to know what types of materials they provide and recommend to build your deck for its intended purpose that is personal to you and your home. There are many different types of materials that have specific functions based on what it is you are looking for in a deck. Some decking materials are designed for aesthetic reasons, others are created for climate-specific regions, and there are also boards durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic for any backyard party. Letting your deck contractor know exactly what your vision is for your dream deck will help them determine which materials are right when constructing your deck.

How long does deck construction take?

On average, a 300sqft deck project takes roughly 1-3 weeks of construction, but this also depends on many different factors being taken into consideration. If you’re building a deck from scratch it will inherently take longer than a deck remodeling that uses the previous frame. It also depends on the type of design you’re going for, a patio or multiple level deck, including the little details that will add a personal touch to your backyard paradise such as custom railings, seating areas, and built-in planters for garden enthusiasts. However, depending on what time of year it is, the weather can also play a part in extending the length of time it takes your contractor to complete building your deck.

How long will my new deck last?

This depends on whether or not you chose composite board, cedar wood, or pressure-treated wood to build your deck: 

  • Pressure-treated wood is designed to be able to endure severe weather conditions, but it still requires frequent maintenance to seal the surface boards once every couple years in order to help keep moisture out and prevent rot or decay, which is a process that is often time consuming. However, with this in mind, if you can keep up with sealing your pressure-treated wood deck on a regular basis and protect it from the elements every season, your deck could last about 10-15 years. 
  • Cedar wood has a natural beauty that will add character and a personal touch to any new deck for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is also quite affordable for the budget conscious, although cedar wood decks are very similar to pressure-treated wood decks and need to be maintained every few years to repel insects and prevent rotting or decay, which helps your deck last longer. Cedar wood decks can last up to 15-20 years depending on the environment and maintenance. However, if your cedar wood deck is not maintained, it will start to deteriorate at a fast rate due to the weather.
  • Composite decks are a blend of wood and plastic boards that are resistant to decay, rotting, severe weather, and insect infestations. These decks not only maintain their structure, but they also keep their color over time. With the proper care, a composite deck can last for roughly 25-30 years. However, our TimberTech AZEK decking comes with a 50-year warranty, which helps our clients save money when their deck needs to be renovated for the first time.

Remember to communicate your vision with your contractor, so they can help you make the right decision about which decking material to make your vision a reality.

What are the differences between composite decks and wood decks?

There are many things that set wood decks apart from composite decks, with price, color, and longevity being the main factors that are taken into consideration when a homeowner is making this decision: 

  • Price: Wood decks typically cost less during the initial installation process than composite decks do. However, wood decks require much more maintenance than composite wood decks and should be done on a yearly basis for the best results, which costs money as well. While composite wood decks are often more expensive to install than wood decks, they will last much longer and be able to withstand even the most severe weather the Midwest has to offer than any wood deck, making them more cost-effective than some high-maintenance wood decks.
  • Color: Choosing a composite wood deck gives you the option of picking from a plethora of colors that allows you to personalize your new deck and make your vision for your outdoor space come to life. Wood decks also offer a small variety of colors, but the color itself depends on the type of wood you choose and the stain that was used. 
  • Longevity: Composite decks generally last longer than wood decks because they are not as susceptible to heavy rain, harsh winters, insect infestations, rotting, and decay. Wood decks normally last somewhere between 10-20 years, depending on the type of wood you use, but composite decks can last 25-30 years or longer and do not need to be maintained as much as wood decks do. We use TimberTech AZEK composite decking, which comes with a 50-year warranty for our clients who are looking to upgrade their home.

It is important to keep these differences in mind so that you can make the right decision on which type of decking material to choose to build or renovate your deck. Choosing the wrong type of materials for the vision you are going for can lead you down a path towards deck renovations every couple years, which is not budget friendly for your wallet. Communicate your desires and needs with your contractor so they can help you choose the best materials to build the deck of your dreams.

What is composite wood and pressure-treated wood?
  • Composite wood is made from a combination of hardwood, softwood, and plastic fibers that blend together to form a strong wood board that is more durable and weather resistant than natural wood is. These decks require little to no maintenance and can last for 25-30 years or more. TimberTech AZEK is our choice for composite decking at Home Pro Decking. TimberTech AZEK composite decking is durable, reliable, and customizable to fit your personal needs for your deck.
  • Pressure-treated wood undergoes a chemical process that injects a preservative into the wood itself, which is what gives it the ability to endure even the harshest weather conditions. Each wood board is submerged in a high-pressure tank that replaces any air pockets naturally created during the cutting process with these chemical preservatives, which acts as a protective seal that reinforces the wood’s strength and durability while also making it naturally resistant to rain, hail, snow, rot, decay, and insects at the same time. A pressure-treated deck can typically last for about 15-20 years, longer than any untreated wood deck, but they also require maintenance annually or biannually in order to maintain this high-quality wood.
Is it true composite decks are scratch resistant?

Yes! TimberTech AZEK composite decking is not only manufactured to stand up to weather erosion and insect infestations, they are also designed to be scratch and stain resistant. If you’ve had a wood deck or hardwood flooring before, then you know how easily wood can get scuffed or scratched by claw marks or the slightest movement from a chair. With a composite deck built from TimberTech AZEK’s high-quality materials and products, you’ll never have to worry about your outdoor space from getting damaged by scratch marks and scuffs ever again.

How much does a composite deck cost compared to wood?

On average, a wood deck costs less out of pocket for homeowners than a composite deck, which helps families save money during the initial stage of the deck installation. However, it is important to keep in mind that wood decks, whether they are pressure-treated wood or cedar wood, require annual or biannual maintenance in order to keep its structure and appearance in tact, which is also another added expense for homeowners to take into consideration before making a final decision.

A composite deck is not as affordable as a wood deck, and often priced 3-5 times more than wood per board, but they don’t need as much care as their wood counterparts. This means that they often tend to be more cost effective for the homeowner in the end, because they are not as vulnerable to the sometimes unforgiving weather Minnesota that is often harmful for wood decks. Composite decks also have a life of about 25-30 years without a need for repair, which means that these decks give homeowners a return on their investment despite their expensive price tag. It is for these reasons, most homeowners prefer a composite deck over a wood deck.

Can installing a new deck increase the property value of my home?

Once again, yes! Installing a new deck or renovating an old one will not only be the perfect addition to your home, it can also help improve the value of your property for those who are looking to sell their home. Although, how much more your new or renovated deck can add to your property value depends on its size, quality, and condition at the time of sale. The main factor that determines how much equity a deck will add to your home is based on the overall square footage of that deck.

The bigger the deck, the more square footage you can add to the value of your home, yet the products and materials you decide to build your deck out of also factors into the final property value of your home. Composite decks are best for homeowners looking to sell their home in a year or more because they will not wear down and need repair, and they will last for decades. While wood decks are the more budget friendly option for those who want to sell their house immediately, because of its cheap price tag and beautifully unique appearance. However, it is important to be honest to the new homeowners on how they would need to care for their new wood deck if they want to get the most use out of it and keep it from needing to be repaired.

How do I maintain and clean a composite deck vs. a wood deck?
  • Composite decking is probably one of the most popular resources homeowners prefer to build their decks with because it requires little to no maintenance to take care of and it is also easy to clean. A new composite deck only needs to be washed once a year, but it is ultimately up to you on how often your deck is cleaned. You can either wet composite boards with a hose and personally wash every inch of it with hot, soapy water and a scrub brush, or you can choose to clean your deck using a power-washer on its lowest possible setting with a little bit of soap added. However, for the best results, we recommend using a power-washer with a 3000 PSI or lower to ensure the high-pressure water doesn’t cause any damage to your new or renovated composite deck. If maintained properly, these decks can last up to 25-30 years or longer.
  • Wood decks require much more maintenance and cleaning than most composite decks. First, they need to be maintained every year as well as resealed and stained to protect it from the many dangers found in nature, otherwise your wood deck could fail. Wood decks also need to be cleaned at least once a year, if not twice. The best way to clean a wood deck is to saturate the surface with a mixture of liquid soap or vinegar and warm water, and scrub it gently with a soft-bristled brush. For even better results, you can substitute the liquid soap or vinegar for a specialty wood deck cleaner to give your wood boards an extra shine to them. With the proper care, a wood deck can last for about 10-20 years, depending on the type of wood that was used during the initial installment.

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